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Well, that was an unusually happy and peaceful season finale for Supernatural! Here I was expecting violence and explosions and the slow death of the planet as the sun extinguished, and all we got was a twisting spiral of light and darkness rising into the sky!

Some might be underwhelmed, but I can’t say that I was disappointed. I actually found this to be a very fitting end to season eleven. It was calm and moving and just beautiful overall.

First of all, I love that the answer to the whole darkness, end-of-the-world problem was family. What an elegant solution…

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Okay Supernatural, you can’t just end an episode with all the characters staring at the sky, and then not show us what’s going on! That’s like the worst kind of cliff hanger. But, I guess it’s incentive to watch the next episode real quick and in a hurry!

Seriously though, this was an excellent episode. I mean, Amara has basically defeated God and all his allies at this point and all of creation might be about to end. Plus, it looks like Lucifer is actually dead. How could it possibly be more dramatic?

Talk about setting things up for the…

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Okay, now THIS was a great episode! This season is really starting to get exciting.

First of all, I love Donatello. He is a fantastic character! Plus, I always like when the Winchesters can turn a skeptic into a believer in the supernatural. It’s refreshing.

Plus, we may have seen the last of Metatron in this episode. I’ve been waiting for the show to kill off Metatron for a few seasons now (seriously, could there be a more annoying character?), so excuse me while I do a happy dance because we might not have to deal with him ever again…

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I don’t want to give myself too many props, but I always kind of suspected that Chuck was God.

I mean, there was obviously something about him that was different, and his sudden disappearance and reappearance was suspicious.

That being said, I have some quibbles about Chuck’s behavior as God. I mean, I think that’s kind of the point of the episode, right? No one wants or expects God to act in such a vain or narcissistic manner. (Although, I do support the blog with the photos of cats). The autobiography has to be one of the most obnoxious things…

What can I say about The Green Knight?

I think interesting is the best word to describe this film. Artistic, atmospheric, and experimental are also good candidates.

Before I go any further, I should note that I wanted to see The Green Knight because I’ve read Sir Gawain and the Green Knight a few times, and I like the story. So, I was curious about the movie. And I have to say that I’m not sure about the direction they took it in.I appreciate the challenges of translating a Medieval story into a modern context. …

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This. Episode. Was. HORRIFYING!

Like, I thought the Soul Eaters a few episodes back were bad, but this was much, much worse. You have to hand it to the writers, they’re really bringing their A game with the scary stuff this season.

I can’t get that cave full of bones and carcasses out of my head. And that horrible chattering noise was just unbearable. And that glowing green egg inside that woman? UGH. Shudder. I already know that this is an episode that I’ll never be able to rewatch. It was just too disturbing.

That being said, I do have…

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I can’t even express how happy I am that Rowena is alive. She was too good of a character to get killed off that quickly and easily. I should have known that they would bring her back! My girl Rowena is too smart to let the devil kill her. That spell she had inside her body was genius!

Let’s just hope she has another backup plan because I have a feeling Amara is going to kill her again if she gets the chance. …

Okay, let’s be real, Sam should have died in this episode. I mean, he got shot, bleed out, suffocated, and then he revived and walked to his car while bleeding out again? I’m sorry, but the Winchesters are not bionic. There’s no way Sam should have walked away from that with a few stitches.

That’s not to say that I’m not happy Sam is alive. Of course I am! The last thing we need is a dead Winchester who gets blasted into the outer darkness of oblivion. I’m just saying that all of this was a little too improbable. …

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Ah! This episode! This episode is totally a classic. I mean, every teen show has to have a football episode, right? And, of course, the hero and the heroine have to be a football player and a cheerleader.

Although, I’m pretty sure this episode marks the end of both of their high school sports careers. Let’s keep it real, all teen drama shows forget about school pretty quickly once things get rolling.

Of course, the climax of the episode was when Damon kills Mr. Tanner, the history teacher and football coach. I know that this is supposed to make us…

Source: Supernatural Wiki

Oh my gosh! That episode was actually scary!

Like, childhood nightmare, gives you the heebee-jeebees scary. I mean, I was genuinely uncomfortable watching this episode. It gave me this totally ominous feeling of badness that was genuinely disturbing. Give me Amara or Lucifer any day! I’d much rather deal with them.

All the same, this episode was nostalgic in a good way. It really reminded me of good, old-fashioned season one Supernatural, when they were making a bigger effort to be actually scary (those jump-scares though!).

Also, we can’t ignore how great it was to see Bobby again! Any episode…

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