Peaky Blinders: Season 1 Episode 5 Review


Oh my goodness, this episode KILLED me! My heart MELTED while I was watching this. It is now a puddle of goo on the floor. There were just too many emotions! My cardiovascular system couldn’t handle it all.

When Tommy and Grace are in bed together, and he asks her if she’ll help him, I died. Like, give that man an Emmy right now. That was such a good acting moment, I can’t even describe it. When he’s asking her to be part of his life, you really feel his relief at finding someone he can open up to and his anguish about all of the burdens he’s carrying. It’s a really powerful moment. I mean, if Grace wasn’t in love with him then (although I think she was), she would have been after that! In fact, I don’t know how any human being with emotions could have said no to him in that moment. Plus, that scene was just designed to make your heart flutter with the dancing and the violin music. And who didn’t enjoy seeing Cillian Murphy shirtless? He’s dreamy, no?

And, of course, the fact that they finally got together is soooo satisfying to me on so many levels. I mean obviously this relationship is going to have some rough patches because sooner or later Tommy is going to find out that Grace was a double agent, and, when he does, all hell is going to break loose. However, I hope they can work through it because I really like them as a couple. I know that Grace has done bad things to the family, but I just can’t find it in me to dislike her as a character. If you’ve been reading my other reviews of the show, you know that I’ve been shipping them since like episode one, so I’m glad they finally got together.

Even if I didn’t like them as a couple, I’d be glad she got with Tommy just to spite Campbell. I hate that guy. And the way he flirts with Grace is prettyyyyy creepy if you ask me. Also, I found it super presumptuous that he asked her to marry him totally out of the blue when they weren’t even in a relationship, and he’s clearly much older than her. Like, that is the definition of overconfidence if you ask me.

Anyway, back to all the emotions.

I felt SO bad for Arthur (Jr.) in this episode. Like, he’s clearly desperate for some sort of relationship and/or approval from his father, and to see him realize that his father just wanted his money is HEARTBREAKING. I mean, of all the bad parents I’ve seen in TV and movies, this guy is probably near the top (although I do like the actor; he was great in Sons of Anarchy). When Arthur tried to hang himself after his dad stole the money, I was genuinely crying. I’m glad Thomas was able to cheer him up at the end of the episode.

On another note, I hope they find a way to get Freddie out of prison. I didn’t love him as a character at first, but he’s been growing on me, and no one deserves to be tortured by Campbell anyway.

I also gotta commend the Peaky Blinders for thinking to hide the guns in Danny’s “grave.” That’s what I call clever. I give it an A+ for originality.

Rating: 10/10

Originally published at on December 24, 2019.




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Maria Cristina

Maria Cristina

Music, Art, and Pop Culture

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