Peaky Blinders: Season 2 Episode 1 Review

Okay, I cannot tell a lie, I was not the biggest fan of this episode.

Like, don’t get me wrong, it’s still Peaky Blinders, so it’s automatically better than like 90% of shows out there, but this was not its best moment. In my opinion, anyway.

First of all, I am supremely annoyed by the time jump. Like, I don’t mind when shows do time jumps when nothing much happens, but it seemed like a LOT happened here. First of all, Freddie died offscreen??????????

I cannot express to you how much I am NOT okay with that.

I’m guessing there was some issue with the actor’s contract because I can’t imagine that the writers would choose to kill a major character offscreen. Like, that was so un-cool. At the very least, we earned a dramatic death scene and a wake in the Garrison!

Also, it appears that Ada and Freddie were living in London. So, if they were okay with that, why did Freddie refuse to leave Birmingham in season one??? I am retroactively frustrated with him.

On another note, when did Ada start hating her brothers? At the end of last season, they all seemed to be on fairly good terms. It feels like she really has something against them here; I’m not loving the new attitude.

I also would have liked to see the immediate aftermath of Grace shooting Campbell (by the way, I am unbelievably glad that she’s not dead!), but, alas, that has all been cut!

Another thing that annoys me is that Campbell is still alive. Grace clearly doesn’t listen to AC/DC because she did not shoot to kill! I mean, I guess he’ll make a good villain for this season, but it bothers me that we had that DRAMATIC season finale and no one actually died. Seems like a cop out to me.

But, the biggest problem I had with this episode was the Irish assignation/IRA plot that the show is choosing to introduce. I don’t know about you, but I care about this not at all. (Although it did give us a great line from Thomas, “I am chosen. Can the chosen one smoke?”). I am interested in seeing the PBs expand their race track empire, not watching them get involved in all this political stuff. If I wanted political drama, all I have to do is head over to Twitter. Also, I don’t like it when shows add too many convoluted plots; it tends to take away from character development.

Weirdly, my favorite scenes in this episode were between Lizzie and Tommy. In the absence of Grace, it seems that Tommy has continued to use Lizzie’s *services* to fulfill his *needs.* I did however find it really cute that Tommy offered her a job as a secretary at Shelby Ltd. It was kind of a sweet moment, especially since it seemed like Tommy wasn’t really listening when Lizzie was telling him about her secretarial training earlier in the episode. Also, it demonstrates that, while he’s obviously struggling with the loss of Grace, he’s still thinking about how to help and protect the people around him. There really is a compassionate heart behind that icy, thousand-yard stare. I also thought it was interesting that Lizzie told him that he didn’t need to pay her for sex; could she be developing FEELINGS for Tommy??? I think his heart belong to Grace either way, but it could be an interesting plot.

Another good moment was Polly going to the medium to talk about her kids. That scene made me feel a type of way; it was just so EMOTIONAL. And, honestly, I feel so sad for her. Having her kids taken away from her is just genuinely tragic. I hope we learn more about her kids as the season continues. This scene also gave us a really good line, “the part of me that dreams is Gypsy.” I was just like, “ooooh, ohhh Polly!” when she said it. She had another great line to Thomas earlier in the episode too, “Your mother said, ‘It’s his cleverness that’ll kill him.’” That was SASSY. I love it.

I think we should also address how MEAN everyone is to Esme in this episode. Like, first her husband tells her to shut up and the Polly threatens to cut her! Like, guys, this is your family member, could you show her a little compassion? She’s trying to help the family! What has she ever done to anyone?! Thank goodness Tommy is nice to her at least.

On a final note, when the Sabinis started beating Tommy at the end of this episode, I nearly jumped out of my skin! I’m so invested in the show at this point, that I was almost flinching along with him. I wasn’t afraid that they were going to kill him because there’s a lot more show left (and, let’s keep it real, Tommy is the tall handsome man in a dusty black coat with a red right hand, he HAS to be in the show), but I was concerned they were going to seriously maim him. Also, I was VERY concerned for his beautiful face. Like, Cillian Murphy’s face must be protected at all costs! I mean, the cheekbones, and the eyes! The EYES! It’s a little ironic that a character that blinds people has, quite possibly, the most beautiful eyes in the world. As one of my friends (who also watches the show) remarked, “I could write PARAGRAPHS about his eyes.”

Anyway, I hope his face is okay.

Rating: 6/10

Originally published at on December 31, 2019.



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