Peaky Blinders: Season 3 Episode 4 Review

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That episode was so DRAMATIC that I am now shaking.

Literally shaking!!!

Like, I can’t. I just can’t. I know I’ve said this before, but I do not know how I’m supposed to deal with this show on an emotional level. It’s too stressful!

Everyone in this show is just insane! IN-SANE! The craziness is next level. I cannot deal with it. It’s too much!



Let me calm down.

First of all, Tommy had better be okay. If that creepy, evil priest and his creepy, evil friends permanently damaged one hair on Tommy’s head, I am going to have some THINGS to say. I assume he’s going to be okay because a) Tommy has some REVENGE to take and b) there are at least two more seasons of this show, and Tommy needs to be in them. (On a more cheerful note, Cillian Murphy did an excellent job of acting like he was in extreme pain and mental anguish; it was very convincing.)

Second of all, Tommy had better know what he’s doing. I get the sense that the PBs are playing the white Russians, the Soviets, and Section D (and whoever else is involved that I’m missing) against each other. I mean, I certainly hope they are because, if they’re not, I’m terrified for everyone. Seemingly, everything has spun out of Tommy’s control, but I’m going to guess that it’s all an act because Tommy always has a plan, and he’s always 12 steps ahead of everyone else. Although, I don’t think he anticipated being injured so badly.

Man, was that ever horrific.

When they were beating him up in the bathroom and you hear the bones crack, my whole body shook. That was MESSED UP.

Like I said, these people are all COMPLETELY insane. They make Alfie Solomons look like he’s the king of mental stability!

First of all, that PRIEST. I hate him. I could not hate him more if I tried. I hope one of the PBs kills him painfully because he deserves it. When he made Tommy recite the Act of Contrition, I almost punched my computer screen. I mean, I was in a RAGE.

We also have to talk about Tatiana, with her fancy lace underwear and sapphires in interesting places. She is mad as a hatter. Like, I don’t know what’s wrong with her, but there is something profoundly broken in that girl’s brain. When she ran downstairs with the gun and started running around naked, I almost couldn’t believe what was happening. Also, how DARE she put on Grace’s perfume! Stealing Tommy’s car was mild in comparison.

Anyway, Who’s side the PBs are really on is a mystery to me. My guess is that they’re on their own side. However, if they do throw Section D under the bus, what is that going to mean for Tommy’s relationship with the government? Will Churchill try to have him killed? It’s all extremely stressful to me.

We also learned that Arthur Shelby Snr. is dead. Unsurprisingly, no one is really upset about this. I think killing and butchering the stag was supposed to impart some profound meaning, but I didn’t pick up on it. In any case, it’s an interesting way of grieving (?) and it was a beautifully shot scene. When I saw the reflection of Tommy walking in the deer’s dead eye, my heart gave a little flutter. Now that’s cinematography.

On a lighter note (maybe), I enjoyed watching Linda bargain with Tommy for Arthur’s share of the loot. I am usually very annoyed and somewhat creeped out by Linda, but the whole scene was so ludicrous it was almost funny. I’m calling it now, there’s no way they make it to California. I mean, can you picture Arthur running a general store?

We also need to chat about Polly’s fantastic performance in this episode. I still don’t trust her new boy toy, but she got two wonderful lines: “I think when men want sex, they become hilarious. Like a dog, when you pick up a lead, and he knows he’s going for a walk,” and “she’s stolen his soul and taken it to a better place, the suburbs.” Bravo, Polly.

The BEST moment of the whole episode, however, was when the women of Shelby Ltd. decided to go on strike. Seriously though, I am right there with them. You won’t catch me working at a place with an outside bathroom where you have to clean spit off the floor. I think it’s important to acknowledge that the Peaky women keep the organization running and make it profitable and, in turn, are treated horribly by their men. I would strike too! Look at Lizzie, the PBs killed her boyfriend, and she’s still has to work for them and have joyless sex with Tommy. The only disappointing part about this plot was that we didn’t get to see Polly making drunken speeches in the bullring. However, Tommy’s reaction more than made up for it:

I hope this season ends with the Peaky women getting their own bathroom.

Rating: 9/10

Originally published at on January 30, 2020.



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