Peaky Blinders: Season 4 Episode 3 Review

Maria Cristina
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I am so frustrated with her in this moment. Like, I get that she hates Tommy and for good reason (although, I gotta remind her that she took the King’s shilling), but she’s going to BETRAY HIM TO THE MAFIA!!!

Come on now, that’s a bit much.

I really hope that Polly and Tommy are actually in cahoots together and this is all a way for Tommy to set a trap for Luca. I really, really hope that that’s the case because a) I don’t want to hate Polly and b) she’s smarter than this. Like, if Polly is earnestly trying to betray Tommy, does she honestly think the Mafia is going to spare Michael??? Like, they’re the MAFIA. I don’t think that’s how that works. Luca will say “thank you very much for helping me kill Tommy, the person who was protecting you, now let me put a bullet in your son’s head and then one in yours.”

Like, seriously, Polly and Michael have a MUCH better chance of surviving with Tommy on their side, working in their favor. The only way the family is going to make it is if they stick together. I get that she’s bitter, but I hope she knows that.


I’m so frustrated.

Okay, okay.

Let us move on to happier topics. Tommy and Lizzie are in love! 😍Cue the “awwws.” It was a bit abrupt, but I love love stories, so I’m fine with that. I mean, I assume they’re in love. Personally, I think Lizzie tried to tell Tommy that she loved him in the conclusion of season 2 (you know, before he betrayed her), and Tommy did have that line last season about Lizzie stopping his heart from breaking. But, anyway, I think when she asked, “are you kissing me or her” and he said “you,” I think that was Tommy’s way of saying “I love you.” Tommy doesn’t like to say “I love you,” he barely said it to Grace, and he was obviously head over heels with her.

In all seriousness though, I hope this relationship works out because I think it would be really good for both of them. They could both provide each other stability and emotional security. Plus, Lizzie has the no-nonsense, down-to-Earth good sense that Tommy desperately needs in his life. Not to mention that it would be good for Charlie to have a mother figure in his life. Also, marrying Lizzie, another person from a working class background is more true to who Tommy is. As he said in the last season, the Shelbys will never truly belong among the upper classes.

Speaking of Tommy’s love life, I guess this means he’s not getting with Jessie Eden, right?

Too bad, so sad. I totally got that one wrong.


The two of them did have a really good scene together in this episode. There was some excellent tension in that scene, and I love her giving Tommy beer because “times are hard.” I’m not sure what the burning of the photograph means though. Is she working with the Mafia? If she is, it would be pretty surprising, but a good, good plot twist. I did think her little speech about what Tommy was like before the war was a bit ham-fisted, but I’m willing to let it go because it got us some good exposition. We’re learning a lot more about Thomas’ background in this season. Last episode, we learned the significance of “in the bleak midwinter” and he mentioned his mother, if only briefly. Now, we know that he was in love with a girl before the war and that he was charming and sweet. I think we all would have liked to have known that Tommy, but he’s a much more compelling character as he is.

We also need to talk about Michael. Having his adoptive mother come and visit him was an interesting development. I have been wondering what happened to her since season two. Her plea to him to come home clearly has an impact on him, but I don’t think he’s going to return to the village with the wishing well. Michael is a changed man; he’s Tommy 2.0, and I think he’s well and truly committed to the Blinders at this point.

Okay, now we have got to talk about Arthur. Oh my goodness, Arthur.

There is not an episode that goes by that I am not concerned about Arthur. That must be how Tommy lives his life: in a constant state of worrying about Arthur. His desire for vengeance is understandable, but Tommy is right that it’s probably more practical to have our friend Aberama (what a name!) kill him. All the same, watching Arthur’s emotional torment was brutal as always. I do hope that he does get to kill Luca. He deserves the chance. On a side note, drowning that assassin in the red paint was a SCENE. This is why I love PB.

Speaking of Shelby brothers, we should talk about Finn. Poor little innocent Finn. I want to tell everyone in the show to back off of him; he’s basically a baby after all. Can we all band together to protect him and his silly haircut and make sure that his female relatives only hire nice prostitutes for him from here on out? I think Tommy was a little harsh in telling him to be a man in this episode, but tough love is what Tommy does best.

I also want to give a shout out to Ada for her beautiful clothes. She is serving lewks in this season!

Rating: 8/10

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