Review: Locke & Key Season 2, Episode 3: Small World

Now that was a fun episode!

I love the idea of the Small World key (although the giant spider did put a damper on things). Imagine having five foot tall gummy bears whenever you want; what could be better? Of course, I imagine giant candy would make things a little sticky, but I could deal with that. That dollhouse would also be perfect for redecorating. You could move furniture from room to room without breaking a sweat. And it’s going to make cleaning up the house after that spider attack much easier!

Seriously, I don’t know what the Lockes are going to tell Nina about what happened to the house. It’s wrecked! Plus, there’s like spider goo everywhere.

All the same, I have a feeling that Bode and Jamie are going to have a lot of fun with that dollhouse. (Well, they will after the Lockes deal with all the demonic creatures running around Matheson).

In terms of the rest of the episode, I was interested to see how Erin reacted to being back at Key House. I’m unsure if I like her as a character yet. She’s a bit high-handed with the Locke kids, but, to be fair, she does know a lot more about the keys than they do. All the same, I think it’s a bit rude to come in and demand that they give her all the keys with no explanation. After all, she really has no idea what’s going on in the modern world, and, of course, the Locke kids have as much right to the keys as she does.

It was interesting to finally learn how Uncle Duncan lost his memories. I gotta say that it was COLD to just steal his memories like that. I assume that Rendell and his friends thought they knew what was best, but it’s cruel to just steal someone’s childhood like that. The more I learn about Rendell, the less I like him. I’m glad he’s getting his memories back; the Locke kids definitely need another adult around who knows what’s going on. Although, if I were Duncan, I would be pretty furious once I got my memories back. I guess we’ll see how that goes.

Speaking of Duncan, how cool is it that he got the Anywhere Key back?

I must say that I cackled with delight when Eden had to walk through the woods in those high heeled boots. Plus, anything that sets Dodge back is fine by me. I danced with joy when that key exploded. I hope they’re all out of magic metal now. Nothing could be more sinister than a new key in his hands.

On a happier topic, I’m glad that Nina had a nice time with Josh. They’re actually really cute together. I’m just hoping that he’s not a murderous, demonic, psycho. The dollhouse made me pretty nervous, but it could be that he’s just a normal guy. Wouldn’t that be something on Locke & Key?

Rating: 8/10

Originally published at on January 19, 2022.




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Maria Cristina

Maria Cristina

Music, Art, and Pop Culture

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