Review: Supernatural Season 11, Episode 16: Safe House

Source: Supernatural Wiki

Oh my gosh! That episode was actually scary!

Like, childhood nightmare, gives you the heebee-jeebees scary. I mean, I was genuinely uncomfortable watching this episode. It gave me this totally ominous feeling of badness that was genuinely disturbing. Give me Amara or Lucifer any day! I’d much rather deal with them.

All the same, this episode was nostalgic in a good way. It really reminded me of good, old-fashioned season one Supernatural, when they were making a bigger effort to be actually scary (those jump-scares though!).

Also, we can’t ignore how great it was to see Bobby again! Any episode that includes Bobby is a good ‘un in my book. And Rufus isn’t a bad addition either. I loved the flashbacks! Seriously, I would watch a whole season of Bobby and Rufus fighting monsters together.

I also really enjoyed how the episode jumped back and forth between Bobby and Rufus’ investigation and the Winchester’s case. It was a weird but super fun mashup. If only Bobby had finished his notes; it would have saved everyone a lot of time and effort. I’m just impressed that both groups of hunters were able to get to the same conclusions relatively quickly. But, we know that Bobby taught the boys well!

I was really proud of the boys for managing to kill the Soul Eater. I mean, that was seriously impressive! There are so many things that happen on Supernatural that I would never have the courage to do, but intentionally going into the nest of a Soul Eater has to be at the top of the list. Those “sad people” with the horrible faces are going to be haunting my nightmares for a good long while.

But, Bobby and the boys saved at least two families, and that’s what matters. Although, if I were the Winchesters, I probably would have burned that house to the ground just for good measure!

Rating: 8/10

Originally published at on August 9, 2021.