Review: Supernatural Season 11, Episode 23: Alpha and Omega

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Well, that was an unusually happy and peaceful season finale for Supernatural! Here I was expecting violence and explosions and the slow death of the planet as the sun extinguished, and all we got was a twisting spiral of light and darkness rising into the sky!

Some might be underwhelmed, but I can’t say that I was disappointed. I actually found this to be a very fitting end to season eleven. It was calm and moving and just beautiful overall.

First of all, I love that the answer to the whole darkness, end-of-the-world problem was family. What an elegant solution! I wish God and Amara had figured that out before hundreds of people died in this season, but we’ll set that aside. It was really moving to see Dean argue against revenge and in favor of forgiveness and sticking with your family. It was such a lovely moment!

I also enjoyed Amara’s slow realization that the world is in fact beautiful and worth saving. We so rarely get to see “villains” on Supernatural develop such a rounded and complex character. Most of all, however, I loved that when the world was about to end, ninety percent of our characters just decided to get back to the Bunker and get drunk. Watching God and Rowena complain about being parents was endlessly funny.

I don’t know if it’s even worth mentioning the potential soul bomb. It wasn’t a bad idea (although, as we’ve seen, nothing seems to work on Amara), but I thought both Sam and Dean were too flippant about Dean’s certain and impending death. Although, both of them have been dead on this show so many times, I guess it’s barely worth mentioning anymore.

My only complaint is that there was some weird editing and music choices in this episode. As the show has demonstrated before, you don’t need to hit someone over the head with dramatic music to show that something emotional is about to happen. Also, it might be just me, but I feel like Supernatural has been gradually using fewer and fewer classic rock songs in their soundtrack over the years, which is a huge disappointment. But, you can’t have everything. I’ll quit nitpicking and sit back and enjoy this lovely finale.

Setting all of that aside, I think I’m burying the lead when it comes to this episode. Mary Winchester is back! Like, I thought I’d seen everything on Supernatural, but this is crazy! I mean, I’m going to assume that her character is not going to be back permanently. But even if she’s just back for an episode or two as a ghost or spirit, it would be so interesting! Although, this situation might not be great for the mental health of the Winchester brothers.

We should also talk about our new British friend! I, for one, am excited to learn that there are other Men and Women of Letters out in the world! Not that I think Sam should be shot or anything, but I am really curious about where this plot is going to go. Plus, I would love to see how the Winchesters explain their actions to other Men of Letters. That’s gonna be a doozy. Season twelve is sure starting to look interesting.

Anyway, season eleven was great! In my opinion, it’s the best since season five. I really hope there are no more apocalypse scares in the later seasons, but this one sure was fun!

Rating: 10/10

Originally published at on September 17, 2021.