Review: Supernatural Season 2, Episode 18: Hollywood Babylon

Maria Cristina
3 min readFeb 10, 2020

If there’s one thing we all learned from this episode, it’s that Dean is one hell of a PA.

Seriously though, this was a FANTASTIC episode. It was so funny! I think I laughed for 45 minutes straight. I mean, Jensen Ackles (Dean) is just GOLD as a comedy actor. Like, no shade to Jared Padalecki (Sam), but it’s really Jensen/Dean that made this episode so good.

I love that Dean got so invested in making the movie, I love that he was making comments on the acting, and I love LOVE how much he loved the food. If you notice, Dean is super into eating in every single episode. Everytime they sit down for a meal, he’s digging in with gusto, no matter what it is. This does, however, bring up something I have been wondering about: Sam and Dean are always eating junk food and drinking beer, plus they spend the majority of their time sitting in the car. How do they keep in shape? Like, we’ve seen both of them shirtless at this point in the show, and we know they have chiseled abs. How does that happen on a diet of fast food? I understand that this is a TV show, and I have to suspend my disbelief, but it just doesn’t make sense! I guess they have to dig holes and climb over fences too, but that’s not a big chunk of their day. I feel like we need some logic injected into this situation.

Anyway, I’ll be done complaining about that.

So, this episode basically focuses on the set of a horror movie, which is being haunted by actual ghosts. (Who would have seen that coming!) It turns out that the original script writer of the movie was angry that the producers changed his plot, so he decided to summon ghosts to kill them. (I think we can safely call that a massive overreaction.) Sam and Dean investigate the situation, and hilarity ensues along the way. Eventually, the writer breaks his amulet, thus freeing the ghosts, who kill him (in a particularly icky way).

The plot doesn’t do much to advance the overall storyline, but it’s such a fun episode because it’s full of little jokes about the other episodes of the show, ghost lore, and the horror genre in general. It’s kind of like TV show inception: it’s a horror show about the making of a horror movie. This episode was full of funny moments, but I think the best one was in the beginning of the episode. When Sam and Dean are on the tour of the studio, the guide mentions that Gilmore Girls is shot there and says, “if you look, you might spot some members of the cast,” and then the camera pans to Sam (Jared used to be on Gilmore Girls), and I was like “oh, yeah, that’s accurate.”

Anyway, this was a great episode, especially coming off something as serious and sad as “Heart.” I give it two thumbs up.

Rating: 9/10

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