Review: Supernatural Season 2, Episode 6: No Exit

Maria Cristina
3 min readJan 13, 2020

I shipped Jo and Dean so hard in this episode I cannot even begin to describe it to you.

Can’t you just them as a hunter couple, raising their hunter kids? It would be the perfect spin off show!!!

Seriously though, it’s really nice to have a female hunter on the show. Jo really added a lot to the episode.

Now, we just need Sam to find a nice hunter girl, and they can do hunter double dates and kill monsters instead of going to the movies.

In case you need a recap, in this episode, Sam and Dean arrive at the Roadhouse, only to learn that Jo has come across a case and she wants to go after a spirit that’s killing young women. Her mom obviously doesn’t want her to go, so Sam and Dean decide to go after the spirit instead. When they arrive in Philadelphia, they learn that Jo has decided to investigate the case anyway.

Working together, they learn that the spirit haunting the apartment building is H.H. Holmes, who is actually a real life and HORRIFYING serial killer, who is legitimately terrifying (I mean, all serial killers are horrifying and terrifying, but you know what I mean). The spirit manages to capture Jo as they’re looking for another woman who was captured earlier in the episode, but Sam and Dean manage to save both of them before the spirit has the chance to kill them. Then, Dean buries the spirit in concrete. Seems pretty thorough right?

Everyone is very satisfied with themselves until Ellen arrives and tells Jo that John Winchester was actually responsible for her father’s death.

I have to say that I was completely frustrated by the end of the episode. Like, I get that Jo and Ellen are upset that their father/husband was killed because of John’s carelessness. That is justified and understandable. But that is not Sam and Dean’s fault. Seriously, neither of them should be anywhere near angry at the Winchester brothers. It would be more understandable if their father/husband had just died, but they’ve had a lot of time to think through things, and they should both understand that Sam and Dean are innocent. Also, it’s kind of rich for Ellen and Jo to imply that the brothers were careless with Jo’s life. Like, Dean in particular tried his hardest to protect Jo. He told her not to go into the wall with the serial killer, and then she went into the wall with the serial killer. Whose fault was that? 🙄🙄SMH. Like, Jo was the one determined to put herself in danger.

Anyway, I’m hoping that everyone can work through this so that Jo and Dean can get around to raising their hunter kids. I’m waiting.

Rating: 8.5/10

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