Review: Supernatural Season 3, Episode 15: Time Is on My Side

Maria Cristina
3 min readMar 25, 2020


Remember how I said that the last episode was creepy? Well, scratch that. This episode was 15 times more creepy.

That doctor’s face? That is what NIGHTMARES are made of.


I’m so incredibly glad they locked that freak in a refrigerator. Although, I think I would have felt better if they had burned him first. I mean, he was going to take Sam’s eyes. His EYES. I can not express to you how much that panics me. I mean, it really freaks me out. Thank goodness for Dean and chloroform.

Like, how could Sam think that Dean would want to stay alive by stealing parts of other people? Does he not know Dean at all???? The guy whose self loathing and guilt is off the charts is going to participate in organ theft? I don’t think so. Also, Sam has to know that that would not make good TV. Who is going to tune in every week to watch Sam and Dean hunt down new kidneys. It just doesn’t have the same appeal.

There were two basic plot lines going on in this episode. Dean tries to find Bela and the missing colt (I assume they’ll get it back eventually), while Sam investigates a really weird and disturbing monster: a doctor who managed to make himself immortal by stealing body parts from other people and replacing his own parts when they wear out.

Horrifying, no?

Sam is particularly interested in the doctor because he thinks Dean can become immortal the same way, thus saving him from hell. Like I said, obviously Dean didn’t go for that idea, but, even if he had, I don’t think it would have worked. Organ theft or no organ theft, I think Lilith would find a way to send Dean to hell.

But, anyway, we should take a minute to chat about Bela. I guess she’s dead now. I’m actually really sorry to see her go. Her character has been growing on me, and I like her as frenemy for the Winchesters. Not to mention that it was great to have a reoccurring female character on the show. (Plus, I really shipped her with Dean). But, I think her ending was fitting and satisfying, although, this episode made me feel terrible for her. I think we’re meant to assume that her parents inflicted some horrible abuse on her, maybe even sexual abuse. It’s hard to blame her for making a deal with Lilith, especially when she didn’t exactly know what she was signing up for. And, I can’t blame her for wanting to stay alive either. Obviously, she should have told Sam and Dean what was going on so that they could have helped her, but still, it’s hard to be angry at her. Bela is obviously the victim of a bad situation.

Anyway, I guess this this goodbye to Bela. I’ll miss her.

Rating: 9/10

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