Review: Supernatural Season 3, Episode 3: Bad Day at Black Rock

Maria Cristina
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I love Dean Winchester so much I can’t even put it into words. Like, who has such fantastic one liners and is also that ridiculously good looking? Ugh, I can’t even.

But seriously, I’m going to start using that line in my real life now, see if I don’t!

But, before I get too distracted, let’s talk about the episode. I’m getting real annoyed that no one has killed Gordon yet. Like, I keep telling Sam and Dean that they need to end him, but it’s almost like they’re projections on my TV screen and can’t hear me *shrug*. Seriously though, they should have killed him when they had the chance. I think this is the third time he’s shown up to screw with them. I get that Sam and Dean don’t want to hurt a human, but, at some point, enough is enough, right? Like, how many times is Gordon going to get them almost killed?


But, what was truly creepy was the weirdo Jesus dude. Like, normally I’m all for Jesus people, but this guy was like truly a psycho. I mean, you know you’re a deranged individual when even Gordon thinks you’re scary.

Anyway, in this episode, Sam and Dean learn that someone has broken into one of their dad’s storage units (the fact that the Winchesters have storage units answers a lot of my questions about how they store all their possessions, as they seemingly live out of their car). They go to investigate and find that a valuable luck charm has been stolen. The charm gives whoever possesses it amazing luck until they lose it, after which they die. Sam and Dean recover the luck charm, giving Sam good luck. However, it’s then stolen by a woman named Bela (who I like, by the way; I hope she’s in more episodes), who makes her living by selling supernatural items. Sam and Dean eventually manage to trick her into triggering the curse of the luck charm, thus forcing her to destroy it and release both Sam and Bela from the curse.

I gotta say, this episode was a lot of fun. I thoroughly enjoyed Sam setting himself on fire and then knocking himself out. That was comedy GOLD.

Rating: 7.5/10

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