Review: Supernatural Season 6, Episode 12: Like a Virgin

GUYS. I’m so pleased that we have empathetic Sam back! Every time he said something that showed concern for another person, I was like “well, this is DELIGHTFUL.” It feels good to be back to normal, and dealing with empathetic Sam is just more pleasant. (Although, concealing what happened to him over the past year is probably not a good idea. I’m pretty sure that is going to come back to bite Dean.)

Plus, I have to say that I enjoyed this episode overall. I mean, come on, how could you dislike DRAGONS? They’re classy monsters. I thought it was rather fascinating that the dragons had human bodies; that’s much more elegant than scales and wings. Although, I have to say that kidnapping virgins is a little bit shady.

But, the real question is, if they only needed to push one girl into the lava, why did they kidnap twelve? Seems like overkill.

I am very intrigued about this girl who came out of the fire though. I have a feeling that she’s going to be a good villain. Anything that comes out of purgatory and has a name like “mother of all” is prett-y scary.

Anyway, like I said, this was a good episode. But, the best part was when Dean tried to pull that sword out of the stone. I died laughing when he decided to blow it up with dynamite. Why didn’t King Arthur try that?

Rating: 8/10

Originally published at on August 5, 2020.