Review: Supernatural Season 6, Episode 17: My Heart Will Go On

So, this episode was kind of a weird one.

In case you need a recap, in this episode Sam and Dean investigate a string of suspicious deaths. They learn that all the dead people are descendants of men and women who survived the sinking of the Titanic when they shouldn’t have. They survived because the Titanic didn’t sink. Of course, Sam and Dean don’t immediately recognize that this has happened because they don’t know that the Titanic should have sunk (this is why time travel episodes always give me headaches). The non-sinking of the Titanic also means that Ellen and Jo are still alive, which is utterly HEARTBREAKING.

With Castiel’s help, Sam and Dean learn that the Titanic descendants are being killed by Fate and that the angel Balthazar un-sank the Titanic because he didn’t like the movie and he wasn’t a fan of the song “My Heart Will Go On.” (To be fair, the whole thing is kind of melodramatic.)

In any case, Cas forces Balthazar to put everything back to normal, and all the people who were dying cease to exist (which begs the question: is it worse to die or to never have existed? That’s something to ponder). Fate is vanquished and everything goes back to normal, which makes me wonder what the point of this episode was.

Honestly, I found this episode to be a little bit dumb and random. Like, Balthazar decided to sink the Titanic because he didn’t like the movie; did that need to be an episode? What’s the point? I also thought it was a bit cruel to bring Ellen back and put her together with Bobby. It’s emotional manipulation on another LEVEL.

Anyway, I get that the show is implying that Castiel and Balthazar are in cahoots in this heavenly war, but they didn’t really give us enough information in this episode to make it interesting. As it is, I’m not all that interested in the war in heaven plot anyway, so that element of the plot was a bit of a snoozer.

I did, however, appreciate the Celine Dion soundtrack.

Rating: 5/10

Originally published at on August 17, 2020.

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