Review: Supernatural Season 6, Episode 2: Two and a Half Men

This episode felt like a more “traditional” Supernatural episode to me. The plot did feel a bit random, but, overall, I enjoyed it.

It was hilarious to watch Sam and Dean try to take care of a baby. I mean, Dean was actually pretty good at it, but no one has ever been more inept at infant care than Sam. I mean, my GOODNESS. I could do better than that, and most of my knowledge of child care comes from watching Supernanny!

Anyway, I liked the premise of this episode a lot. Basically, what happens is Sam decides to investigate a series of odd murders in which parents were killed and babies were stolen. Sam comes across one such murder, and manages to save the baby. He tells Dean what happened, and our Winchesters go on the run with the baby in a wonderfully comic fashion.

They eventually discover that the baby was fathered by the king of the shapeshifters (the first shapeshifter), and now the other shapeshifters want him back. Our Winchesters bring the baby to their hunter family, who decide to raise the baby. However, the king shapeshifter arrives and steals it back. It seems like Samuel wanted to capture the shapeshifter for some reason (I’m sure we’ll learn more about that later, but right now I’m skeptical of his motives).

Overall, I was entertained by this episode, but it didn’t really wow me. It was nothing extraordinary, you know?

I think the most interesting part of this episode was exploring Dean’s relationships with Lisa and Ben. To be honest, that dynamic has probably been the best thing about this season so far. Watching Dean struggle with how to protect his family is really tough. I understand where he’s coming from, but I don’t want him to trap them in the house either. Also, how heartbreaking was it when Ben got the gun out of Dean’s car? You could just see Dean panic as he thought about the fact that Ben might end up a hunter one day. (Speaking of Ben, I’m still convinced that Dean is his biological father).

Anyway, I think Dean and Lisa reached a very mature conclusion at the end of the episode. Lisa basically told him just to go hunt and come home when he can. Seems like the best of both worlds, right? I just hope that Lisa hangs around for a while. We need some female characters on this show.

Rating: 7/10

Originally published at on July 13, 2020.

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