Review: Supernatural Season 9, Episode 20: Bloodlines

Source: Supernatural Wiki

So, I like to think of this episode as West Side Story with monsters. It has everything from warring gangs to star-crossed lovers, and I thought it was excellent.

I did find the episode a little difficult to follow at first, but once I learned everyone’s name and caught on to the five families idea, everything made much more sense.

The only thing that was confusing about this episode was the end. Although it was clear that the writers were setting Ennis up to become a hunter, they really left the story hanging when they ended the episode with Ennis receiving a phone call from his dead father. I mean, unless this episode is part one of two, what the heck kind of ending is that?

I sort of have a feeling that the writers were trying to set up a spinoff show here, and it just didn’t work out. (Or, maybe it did; I didn’t really look into it.)

Anyway, spinoff show or not, I wish Ennis happy hunting.

Aside from the abrupt ending, I thought this episode was really entertaining. As I said, it had all the elements of a good plot: hopeless love story, tragedy, family drama, and a nice, easy-to-wrap-up mystery.

I have to say that I did feel slightly bad for the “monster” in this episode (that wolverine wannabe). If he hadn’t accidentally killed Tamara, he would have just been a good hunter. Granted, he’s a little more sadistic than your typical hunter, but everything else that he did was pretty normal. Plus, he never got to find out what really happened to his son. Who knows, maybe the werewolves actually killed him. That’s pretty sad.

Of course, I also felt pretty bad pretty bad for the monsters, especially David and Violet. They both have AWFUL families (seriously, what is it with awful families in this show?), and I wish that they had eloped.

Anyway, I thought that the idea of a city controlled by rival gangs of monsters was pretty clever and creative, and I hope the show returns to it at some point, spinoff series or not.

Rating: 9/10

Originally published at on February 12, 2021.




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Maria Cristina

Maria Cristina

Music, Art, and Pop Culture

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