Review: Supernatural Season 9, Episode 5: Dog Dean Afternoon

Source: Supernatural Wiki

Okay. As a cat lover, I found this episode pretty hard to watch.

Did that guy really need to eat the cat? Surely, the writers could have spared us that. I’m okay with all the blood, guts, and gore that Supernatural can throw at me, but I draw a line at causing harm to animals, and that scene in the shelter was pretty gruesome.

To be fair, I wasn’t happy with the outcome for any animal in this episode. I guess we just have to hope that someone bothered to let those mice go free and that all the dogs that attacked the monster guy found good homes afterwards. I was a little miffed at Dean for letting all the dogs out. No matter how much they complain, those dogs were definitely better off in the shelter than on the streets. Especially the blind one!

I guess I should be grateful that no one killed a dog in this episode. I’m almost 100% sure that a dog has never survived an episode of Supernatural (except for the one that Sam ran over, but that was a close call). That being said, I really wanted Sam and Dean to keep that nice German shepherd, but given what happened in the bunker in the last episode, he’s probably safer with that vegan couple. Although, I hope they plan to feed that dog some meat!

All in all, however, I really enjoyed this episode. The whole Dr. Dolittle thing was really cute. I loved the talking animals, and I loved watching Dean getting in touch with his inner dog. The way he was hanging his head out of the window was too funny. It would have been cool if he could have kept his ability to communicate with animals; I feel like that would be a handy skill to have!

The “monster” in this episode was truly terrifying. I don’t know about you, but I don’t need to see a man with a snake tongue. I don’t know if it was right to use the dogs to kill him, but I am certainly glad he’s dead and he won’t be killing any more animals for their organs.

Also, what’s with all the allusions to Game of Thrones in this season?

Rating: 7.5/10

Originally published at on December 25, 2020.



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