The Vampire Diaries Revisited: Season 1, Episode 3: Friday Night Bites (Review)

Source: Vampire Diaries Wiki

Ah! This episode! This episode is totally a classic. I mean, every teen show has to have a football episode, right? And, of course, the hero and the heroine have to be a football player and a cheerleader.

Although, I’m pretty sure this episode marks the end of both of their high school sports careers. Let’s keep it real, all teen drama shows forget about school pretty quickly once things get rolling.

Of course, the climax of the episode was when Damon kills Mr. Tanner, the history teacher and football coach. I know that this is supposed to make us dislike Damon, but Mr. Tanner is so unlikable I almost don’t care. Let’s keep it real, that guy is no great loss. He was weirdly aggressive towards his students, and he was a genuine jerk to everyone. Including Aunt Jenna! Like, come on now, Aunt Jenna is in a difficult situation and she’s doing her best. Plus, it’s not his place to give out parenting advice, especially not to a family that is grieving. Also, from an adult perspective, I now realize the way he spoke to his students was majorly inappropriate. I’m not saying that he deserved to be blood-sucked, but I would have liked the school board to launch an inquiry into his behavior.

So, anyway, my point is that I don’t care that Damon killed Mr. Tanner. However, I do care about the way he’s treating Caroline. That makes him far more unlikeable in my personal opinion. I don’t think I realized this when I watched it as a teen, but Damon and Caroline are in a majorly abusive relationship. (If you can even call it a relationship when one person is hypnotized ninety percent of the time). There are so many things wrong in this relationship. First of all, Damon is way too old for Caroline. The same could be said of Stefan, but at least he’s pretending to be in high school and generally behaves like a teenager.

I really need Caroline’s parents to intervene in this situation. I really think there is some major negligence going on here. I get that her mom is busy with police work, but how do you not notice that your sixteen year old is dating a guy who is (supposedly) in his mid-twenties. It’s not like it’s a secret! Caroline is driving around with him all over town.

Also, how can Caroline bring a guy back to her mom’s house and let him spend the night without her parents knowing? Caroline was being abused and attacked in their house and they have no idea. Crazy! There is no supervision going on.

Speaking of no supervision, what teenager throws a dinner party? Like, I’m not wrong, that’s weird right? If I invited people over for dinner as a teen, my parents were definitely there for the meal. So where was Aunt Jenna when this was happening? Also, it looked like Elena ordered food for everyone. She doesn’t seem to work, so how did she get the money to do that? These are the questions that the show never seems to answer!

I can’t stress this enough, the children in this show behave like adults! From an adult perspective, I can see that everyone is in desperate need of parenting (and that probably includes Stefan and Damon too).

We should also probably talk about the Jeremy, Vicky, and Tyler love triangle. Let’s be real, everyone in this relationship is intolerable. Tyler is a total jerk, Jeremy is a moody, overly dramatic teen, and Vicky combines all of their worst characteristics. Seriously, the whole situation is off the wall. When you have to ask someone if they were sleeping with you because of the drugs, something has gone wrong in your situation. Even Vicky telling Jeremy that it wasn’t just for the drugs is pretty disastrous. I mean, that’s not exactly a ringing statement of romance now is it!

Setting all of that aside, I really enjoyed this classic episode. It was a teen drama gem!

Originally published at on August 11, 2021.